Donnerstag, 1. August 2013


As Re:Surgo!, a silkscreen atelier, the Swedish / French artist duo 
Anna Hellsgård & Christian Gfeller create and produce artists' books, 
graph'zines and prints. Gfeller & Hellsgård regularly join forces with artists, 
illustrators and designers to create collaborative silkscreen limited editions.

Known for their highly collectible uniques or small runs, hand-printed and 

-bound in their Berlin atelier (Torstrasse 110), Re:Surgo! stands for high quality 
and challenging visuals. The books, zines and prints they produce range from 
contemporary art to experimental graphics and illustration. 
"We try to live by the rule of discrepancy, never trotting out or repeating the same ideas. 
We want to stay in constant becoming, experimenting across disciplines of arts
in order to publish material that pushes the boundaries. We are always looking further 
for the next visual kick! The aesthetics and attitude of noise music, independent cinema,
 minimal, trash and raw vintage punk graphics inspire us as much as printed material. 
Edgy things done by hand, work that plays by the traditions of art and graphics but 
also sets out to destroy their conventions, that is very inspiring to us."

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  1. danke für den tip!! die bilder von hellsgrad & gfeller sind ja der hammer!